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Recycling & Appliances

First Grand Haven Christian Reformed Church embraced environmental projects over two decades ago. You can drop off metal to be recycled at the garage at 1118 Colfax Avenue, Grand Haven. You can also call us at 616-842-6370 to schedule a free pick up of your unwanted metal or electronics.



Our typical week of 30+ hours engages a crew of 12-14 individuals.


Our volunteers sort through all types of metals, electronic equipment, lights, buckets of hardware, and more resulting in 6,000 - 8,000 pounds of scrap metal weekly.

Contact Lane Smith, Recycle Ministries Coordinator, through the church office or the Online Connection Form if you would be interested in participating in the recycling and appliance ministries.



With a commitment to creation care and environmental stewardship, we can recycle your beverage cans, toner/ink cartridges, electric cords, laptops, computers, and more. 


We take anything metal, even if it is only partially metal. This includes Christmas tree lights,  Anything that plugs in or runs on a battery we can recycle environmentally.

We are NOT able to take televisions, computer monitors, batteries (with the exception of car batteries).



We receive donations of working gently used appliances – washers, dryers, refrigerators, and stoves – and deliver them to families who are in need of and cannot afford to purchase these basic necessities.

Families who need appliances meet with a Love in Action counselor to determine their needs. During this case management meeting, other needs are often determined leading to families other free services provided by its partner churches. 

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