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I'm New Here


Our goal here at First Church is to pursue God's mission for His followers—that is, we seek to share Jesus and serve Him according to Scripture.


We want our community, families, friends, and everyone else to know Jesus and His freedom, redemption, and salvation that comes from Him only.


We strive to live biblically centered lives, to encourage the gifts of each member of our church family, to dedicate everything in our lives to Him, and of course to share God's love and grace.


First Church is a place where all of us can belong.

What to Expect

We sincerely pray that visiting our church is a welcoming and enjoyable experience for you and your whole family. Once in our parking lot, you'll see the large north-facing entryway. Walk in those double doors where you will be greeted, and offered a cup of coffee! We will lead you into the sanctuary and help you find a seat wherever you'd like.

What Should I Wear?

We welcome you to our church family regardless of dress, and our members have no prejudice when it comes to clothing. Some of us wear sandals, shorts, and t-shirts, while others wear ties, jackets, etc. We want you however you are to be comfortable!

Sunday Mornings

First Church typically has approximately 110-130 worshipers on any given Sunday. While most are from the Tri-Cities areas, we vary greatly in age, socio-economic class, and skillsets.

Child care for infants through two years is provided in our staffed nursery. A children's message and worship are also available for our young families.

We have a wonderfully mixed worship style. While we keep up with contemporary worship, we sometimes include timeless favorites and songs.


All our voices are heard, and we love being a place where anyone can worship how they are comfortable doing so.

How do I get involved?

We have loads of ministries, service opportunities, and places to belong throughout the week. There are activities and people present almost every day of the year. Click on the button below to learn more.

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